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Sunday 3rd of December
From Terry Mackey and Aaron Danker
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If you've ever wanted you own Amazon product review site but don't know where to start, how to do it, or not sure if what you're already doing is reall working, then continue scrolling down this page because I'm about to reveal some things that'll help you on your journey towards success...

It can cost you $97 to $197 or more to have an Amazon Product Review Site built for you. That's only with 5 pages of content or less - and there's no software out there that will build you a review site with unique content that ranks in search engines.

Now unless you want to dish out $97 to $197 to have one built for you, that leaves just one option... You have to build it yourself.

Building Your Own Amazon Blog Review Site May Have Seemed Impossible Up Until NOW!

But I tell you... it's NOT rocket science (as they'll have you believe!)

Imagine building your own review site, filled with Amazon products that you get commissions for. Even if you've never even built a website before thanks to this easy-to-follow course I've put together for you!

Introducing The Amazon Reviewer!...

Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover:

How to Join the Amazon affiliate program

• In this 4:24 video, learn about Amazon's great Affiliate Programs and how you can make money with these programs.

• This video will show you where you need to go, what link you would need to click on and what exactly you would need to join and become a member of Amazon's Affiliate Program.

• You will be taken through what information you would need to provide to create and build your profile.

• The video will also tell you a little bit about Amazon's approval process and how long it may take for your membership to get approved.

How to pick winning categories at Amazon

• In this 6:35 video, we will take a look at the best way to choose a category in Amazon and how it is going to be profitable.

• Check out which products to choose that would enable you to earn the maximum commision from Amazon.

• Learn what category of products to choose and what to stay away from.

• Take a look at some examples of products to choose and the reasons behind choosing them.

How to pick winning products at Amazon

• In this 3:27 video, learn about how to choose products after you have zeroed down on your niche category.

• Learn exactly what you should look for in a product and things you need to study and need to note down about a product.

• Also get an understanding of parameters that you should look for while choosing a product.

How to extract the right information from Amazon to make everything easy

• In this 5:28 video, check out the kind of information you would need to pull out regarding a product.

• Get an understanding about the information you would definitely need to have about a product and how it would help.

• Understand what kind of information would attract people towards your products and help you achieve the highest commissions.

How to write Amazon product reviews

• In this 4:51 video, get an understanding of what exactly you would need to write as reviews about a product.

• Learn which portions of the details of the product you would need to highlight and the length of a product review.

• Also get to know which part of a product's description you should rewrite, which parts you should leave original and the easiet way to do that.

• Check out how you could bring about a personalized touch to your products thereby helping you in getting your product out there.

How and where to outsource Amazon product reviews

• In this 6:10 video, get to know the source you could utilize to get your articles or product reviews written.

• Get an understanding about why you should outsource your writing work.

• Also understand how to get the reviews of your products written easily thereby making your job simple.

• Get to know how much you would end up spending and how soon you could get your reviews completed for you.

How to build credibility with your Amazon Product Reviews

• In this 5:35 video, learn how you can build that trust on the products that is going to help you gain good commissions.

• Attain information on where you could look for more information on your products and what information would help you build credibility.

• Learn what details you would need to include, especially the pros and cons of a particular product.

• Get an understanding about how you should showcase your products and thereby build the trust among shoppers.

How to create Amazon product review websites

• In this 5:27 video, learn about getting yourself your own domain name.

• Get information on where you could go, the avenues you could explore and the tools you could use to get yourself a domain name easily.

• Obtain first hand information about the kind of domain names you could choose to keep things simple for you.

• Also learn about things you should try and avoid while choosing domain names to market your products.

How to register a keyword rich domain name

• In this 2:57 video, learn how to get yourself a domain in an affordable way.

• Check out how you could get your own domain using Hostgator.

• You would also be taken through some of the web hosting plans you could choose from and the benefits of choosing one.

• Also learn how to have your idea of hosting a domain in the most economical and in a highly effective way.

How to get hosting

• In this short 1:51 video, take a look at what you should do next after you have registered your domain.

• Check out what you can link your domain name with your hosting and creating name servers.

How to install wordpress

• In this 3:07 video, learn about the steps after you have your hosting account and domain name.

• Get to know what you can do when you have access to your very own cPanel, which in simple words, is the backend of your website.

• Obtain a quick download on how you can install and create a personalized WordPress on your domain.

How to configure wordpress for your Amazon Review Website

• In this 5:40 video, you will be taught how you can set up WordPress for your Amazon review site.

• Get step by step information about what you need to do once you have installed WordPress.

• Also get information on what you can do in the backend environment of WordPress like changing themes, different types of settings, changing the way the site looks, etc.

• In short, learn how you can personalize your WordPress environment the way you want it to look like.

How to add reviews to your Amazon Review Website

• In this 3:31 video, get to know how you can make posts regarding your products.

• Learn what you should do to add information about your products and how you can make your posts/reviews look good by using the various tools available in WordPress.

How to add your affiliate link to your Amazon reviews

• In this 6:42 video, you will be learning about how you can add your affiliate link to your WordPress site.

• Learn about the things that you would need to have if you are looking to connect your affiliate link to the WordPress site.

• Get detailed information about the links that you should choose to bring about this link.

Also learn few tricks about getting your products and their reviews out there using WordPress.

How to add pictures to your Amazon reviews

• In this 3:54 video, get step by step information about how you can add images to the products and their reviews.

• Learn about the format of pictures to be selected and how you could make them appear on your WordPress site the way you want them to appear.

How to add videos to your Amazon reviews

• In this 1:55 video, learn how you can add YouTube videos to your posts.

• Get to know the links you should choose and how you could use readily available videos on YouTube to bring about more credibility and emphasis on your products.

How to customize your theme

• In this 3:49 video, get to understand how you can make your site look great.

• Learn how you can change themes, install new themes, include new pictures, change headers, etc. In short, get a download on how you can make your site look the way you want it to look like.

How to add additional ads and banners to your Amazon Review Website

• In this 5:16 video, learn how you can bring your site to life adding advertisements.

• Get information on what links to choose and how you can include ads and banners to your website.

• Get an understanding on where you could look for advertisements and banners and how you can include them to your site to make it look more slick.

• Also get a quick download of where and how you can include some customized widgets.

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Terry has a passion for internet marketing with plenty of experience and a growing knowledge of the industry. Terry is comitted to helping you grow your online business and achieve real tangible results that you can be proud of. If you have any pre-sale questions about this product, please contact for help and support and your questions will be answered you as soon as possible.

Aaron Danker is an established internet marketer with over 10 years of online experience. He provides high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for beginners and has recently turned to coaching to share his knowledge and expertise with dedicated students. The Amazon Reviewer is the result of years of marketing experience all condensed into one powerful and easy-to-use learning platform to help solve problems every entrepreneur will face.

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