If you're looking to build a business that has a real consistent, dependable income but have been struggling to make money online so far, then YES you're in the right place...

You may or may not like everything you read on this page and some of it may sting a little, but I've never been ones to tell the truth with a sugar coating...  Facts are facts and you deserve to hear it like it is...

And here it is, it's the real problem in the Internet Marketing community.

But why is that? Surely if everyone's buying the latest and greatest marketing tactics & strategies and the newest shiniest '1 click to riches' software, they should all be stinking rich shouldn't they?

Why are there so many people failing? 

“From my experience with purchasing your stuff I would not expect anything else.”

This is a really great site. Great looking and easy to navigate around. From my experience with purchasing your stuff I would not expect anything else.

There is a lot of great training that is quite useful. Not alot of hype but stuff you can use to build your business.

The site is laid out so that you can easaly navigate around and find what you need. The videos are laid out in the order that you need to build an online business. You start with the first video and learn the basics and then each module after that expands and shows you the next step.

Great Website - Great Training!

Ronald Jackson

“Thank you for letting me saved more than $25,000 of education”

Awesome training product. Cool website and User Friendly that even my toddler can navigate using my android tablet.

The whole 10 years of my traditional high school and college education were packed, embedded and embossed in the training site.

Thank you for letting me saved more than $25,000 of education and training fee with this product.

I will be forever grateful to you.

Joe Tomines
Corporate Rat, SPED Educator, Speech-Language
Pathologist and Newbie Internet Marketer

“I thought I would not really learn much”

I would like to say thanks for giving me access to Faster Smarter Better Online and when I did get access I thought I would not really learn much but I have to say I was wrong!

The tutorials are very informative and can take any newbie up to advanced level and even someone who has been on the internet years like me can learn from the tutorials too!

They are in depth about every aspect you would come across on the internet trying to make money or setting up a business online there are tutorials for everyone and thanks again.

Albert F A Matthews

Think about it like this... Most marketers aren't lazy or stupid people, heck to set up your own business takes a desire and passion that most average people lack... So if they set out to achieve the internet marketing dream (a lifestyle of complete freedom and passive income) Why is the reality nothing like that at all?

Well here's the cold, hard truth:  Most online marketers simply end up experiencing confusion, they spend way too much on crap 'systems' that don't work, they make meagre or non existent profits and end up completely overwhelmed. 

(People get desperate to achieve success and they keep buying product after product without sticking to one thing long enough to even see a glimmer success - Or they simply get sold garbage, untested ideas by the conmen and fake ass 'gurus' that are only interested in making a quick buck!)

And if any of this sounds familiar to you or has happened to you before you have to understand it's not your fault. It's simply the nature of the industry. 

The real secret is that there is no secret, there is no "magic bullet".

You just need to focus on actually building a real, evergreen business that works!  

And to do that (despite the constant hype) the best solution is to choose a business model that has worked in the past, that still works now and will continue to work for a long time in the future.

The trouble is that until now no one has been showing people how to do this -

And that's why I'm so excited to introduce you to the Faster, Smarter Better Business Building System...

Everything is laid out for you in true step-by-step action list format and it's all geared up to you finally getting the results you've always wanted FAST!

Inside you'll get a complete system:

You'll exactly what business to start

How to get an unlimited amount of free traffic.

How to create killer evergreen products that are guaranteed to sell

How to attract partners that will allow your business to grow really really fast

How to put your business on autopilot

And how to scale your business to any income level that you desire.

Armed with this powerful training you'll have nothing left to figure out on your own. 

“...like getting an MBA in Internet Marketing but without the $100,000 associated cost!”

Wow! Faster Smarter Better is like getting an MBA in Internet Marketing but without the $100,000 associated cost! This course literally covered everything you'll need to know about building a successful online business.

I was blown away by the quality content of each module, nothing was held back. I wish I would have known about Faster Smarter Better before I started my online business. This would have saved me years of trial and error not to mention the time and money!

This is the real deal, your blue print to building a real successful business online. I've gone through other "how to make money" courses before and quite honestly none of them lived up to what was delivered from Faster Smarter Better. I do not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who's interested in owning a real online business!"

Terry Phong

There are 12 complete video modules in total...

In module 1 We'll start off by planning for success. This is really the cornerstone of the entire system. First we'll go over the complete 'process overview' that will give you a genuine understanding of how to create a six figure+ business from scratch.

Next you'll see your "Roadmap To Freedom". This is the big-picture plan that will be the driving mechanism for your business and a real path to financial freedom. From this exciting information we're going to build your personal freedom plan together and actually break down the kind of income you need to make to live the lifestyle of your dreams.  This is genuinely life-changing advice that has helped hundreds of people achieve their incredible goals.

By the time you have competed this module you will be totally fired up and raring to get started!

Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1: Introduction (5:58)

• In this 5:58 minute video, you will understand how the world of marketing and development has changed drastically with the Internet boom.

• Today, everyone is trying to teach you new ways to make money through online marketing.

• Most of these methods are generalizations and do not actually teach you the fundamental skills needed to build a successful Internet marketing business.

• The methods you will see in these videos will can be used by anyone and applied to any business, no matter how big or small. They have been proven to work time and time again.

Classroom Lesson 2: Changing the Game and the Rules! (21:27)

• In this 21:27 minute video, you will get an understanding that over 95% of traditional small businesses are losing money to the online businesses boom.

• It is time to get in on all the money-making potential that the Internet has to offer.

• Unfortunately, there is no get-rich-quick system that actually works.

• People are seeking help in learning how to reach financial freedom, but they are being flooded with scammers that cloud the market and promise overnight riches.

• However, it is still possible to work hard and achieve financial freedom if you use the proper tactics and methods.

Classroom Lesson 3: The Myth of Success and Living the Perfect Life! (11:36)

• In this 11:36 minute video, you will get a learning of how many people think that they need to make millions of dollars to be financially happy.

• The truth is you can be just as happy making $100,000 a year or $10,000 a month.

• A $100,000 a year income will still allow you to own that luxury vehicle, purchase that fancy home, pay your bills every month, and still build a sizeable savings.

• Making $100,000 a year is not hard if you use the proper methods and techniques to build your Internet business.

• If you manage to bring in $75 a day, you can definitely scale that income and improve your earnings to $100,000 a year.

Classroom Lesson 4: The Myth of Success and Living the Perfect Life Part 2 (25:34)

• In this 25:34 minute video, get to know how financial freedom means different things to different people.

• Not everyone needs to earn the same amount of money to live a happy lifestyle and feel financially free. It is up to the individual to find their “freedom number.”

• Make a list of all the expenses you incur in a month or a year, and make another list of what you would like to have.

• The total cost of these two lists is your freedom number and the amount of money you, as an individual, want to make to feel financially free.

Classroom Lesson 5: You Have Options! ( 29:27)

• In this 29:70 minute video, you will learn that the Internet is full of different possibilities that give you the ability to make a sizeable income and it is your specific business that dictates what strategies you will need to use to achieve said income.

• If you are interested in ecommerce, you will need to be able to offer customers a desirable product.

• If you want to start a leads-based website or an affiliate marketing system, you will need to obtain a respectable website that plays host to many different visitors that you can direct to various business partners.

• If you want to create an information market online, you need to be able to target the information you have to the proper outlets and prove to them that your information is valuable.

• And lastly, if you want to provide a service to someone, you will need to be able to show them how your services compete with or exceed the quality of your competitors in order to gain customers and see that they return for more.



In module 2 We'll continue with laying the foundation but we'll also move into the faster, smarter better way to do things like set up your hosting and domains, advanced and beginner site development, email management systems and even tracking systems to ensure that you're maximizing your profits for the least amount of effort!

If you only ever watch this one module it will half your current workload we guarantee it!


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1: Laying the Foundation (2:40)

• In this 2:40 video, you will learn that once you discover your freedom number, you can use it to decide what business or industry will be best for you and what the best way is to get into that industry.

• Take some time to assess what tools, skills, and resources you already have for your business and what else you will need later on.

• Make a list of these skills or resources and check them off as you complete theme.

• It is important not to overlook this process because you are building the fundamentals that can make or break your business.

• Once you have the necessary components for your desired business, you can start using these to your advantage.

Classroom Lesson 2: Changing the Game and the Rules! (15:01)

• In this 15:01 video, considering that your business is going to be online, you will learn how you need to ensure that it is set for success.

• One thing you will need to decide is whether or not you are going to learn HTML and other Internet markup languages.

• Since you will be building websites and whatnot, learning how to edit and construct websites is a very valuable tool.

• It is not hard to learn how to make simple and fast edits to your website using an HTML editor, but you may want to consider hiring a professional webmaster for some of the complex and advanced projects.

• The important thing to remember is that your website is a lifetime project and will never be complete.


Classroom Lesson 3: Master of Web Masters (4:37)

• Through this 4:37 video, get a quick download of how to be sure to find a credited and skillful one that is capable of meeting your needs, if you decide to use a professional webmaster.

• The downside to using a webmaster is that you are cannot edit your site and fix issues yourself.
In many cases, you will need to edit something or try to update your site.

• If you rely on a webmaster, you will have to wait for him to schedule you in and he will probably charge you for your time.

• This can be very problematic as you might have to wait an extended period of time for your website to be fixed, which results in lost revenue.

• You need to make sure that your webmaster is capable of meeting your demands for a fair price and will be able to help you when you need his assistance the most.


Classroom Lesson 4: Building Your First Tool Box, and Picking Out Your First Tools (24:09)

In this 24:09 video, get an understanding of how you can find a webmaster or designer online using a freelance website.

• Such websites allow you to view a contractor’s portfolio, credentials, hourly rates, and website reputation.

• Best of all, most freelancers can do great work for a very low price.

• If you don’t want to hire a freelancer, consider purchasing website building software that allows you to “drag-and-drop” items around your webpage or use a previously constructed template.

• All of these options are acceptable methods to get a great website for your new business at a reasonable cost.


Classroom Lesson 5: Becoming your own dot-com! (26:03)

• This 26:03 video will teach you the importance of owning your own domain name.

• You will learn what the best method is to choosing, purchasing, and setting up your domain.

• The video will explain the inner-workings of URL and link so that you are comfortable working with your new domain.

• It is important for you to choose a domain name that is short, but still catches the attention of your target audience.

• It is best practice to purchase your own domain name so that your website appears professional and your company markets themselves properly.


Classroom Lesson 6: Hosting (21:27)

• This 21:27 video will explain to you what a web host is and how it works for your website.

• The video will explain the importance of choosing a good web hosting company and how to read through user reviews.

• Your hosting company needs to be able to house your website and provide easy access to its files.

• It is very important to choose a host that does not crash or go down very often as this will negatively impact your website and your company.

• It can be tricky to find a cheap and reliable webhost, but it is not impossible.


Classroom Lesson 7: Setting Up Your Customer Service. (11:25)

• This 11:25 video talks about setting up a customer service feature for your website.

• Customer service is incredibly important for any and all websites because it helps solve customer problems and is aimed at maintaining your company’s reputation.

• The video host walks you through various customer service systems and how they can be used in your business.

• It is important to setup an individualized and easy-to-use customer service system so that your customers can acquire help.

• Customer service systems can be as complex as live chat and ticket support systems or as easy as an email form.


Classroom Lesson 8: Website Platforms (10:22)

• This 10:22 video will help you understand that building a website can be tricky, but if you use a website platform, it will decrease your workload immensely.

• The video briefly describes what a website platform is and how it can be beneficial to your company.

• When choosing a platform, you need to ensure that it has all the capabilities and features that you want out of your website.

• Platform systems can vary in price, but you can easily purchase a cheap platform with many advanced features.

• The video’s host will walk you through the features of some popular platforms and explain how you can benefit from each feature.


Classroom Lesson 9: Payment Processing (19:07)

• This 19:07 video explains why it is important to setup a transaction management system for your website.

• Taking money online needs to be very fast and very convenient for your customers.

• It is necessary to build a secure transaction system so that your customers’ personal information will not be jeopardized.

• The video walks you through various methods of payment, such as credit card purchases.

• The most important parts of payment processing is security and functionality.


Classroom Lesson 10: Setting Up A Web Based Shopping Cart. (8:37)

This 8:37 video will explain why a shopping cart feature for you website is not mandatory, but how it can definitely help drive sales and ensure a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

• A shopping cart allows your customers the ability to purchase multiple items at once so that they do not have to make multiple transactions.

• Having a shopping cart feature can give urge your customers to purchase more items at one time.

• It is important to have a shopping cart with simple features so that you do not complicate your customer’s shopping experience.

• The video will walk you through how to build, implement, and utilize a shopping cart feature on your website.


Classroom Lesson 11: Additional Tools (6:29)

• The 6:29 video explains that there are many different kinds of tools at your disposal and you may find that some are more valuable than others.

• Every website has and requires different tools to make it unique.

• The host will briefly explain different types of tools you may find and how they can benefit your business.

• It is important to make sure you don’t get too many tools as it might complicate your business-building process and hinder your own growth.



In module 3 we'll get up close and personal with profitable product development. You'll discover how to build the perfect niche for you to build your business in.  (And you won't have to compete with thousands of others once you know these powerful strategies)

I'll reveal to you not only what to sell by also what not to sell. You'll also learn the secrets to rapid product creation. And how to have products created faster than you ever thought imaginable.

Plus I also cover why building your own successful brand is more important than anything else.  (knowing this will protect you from the big changes coming soon to our industry)


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1: Product/Service Development (18:10 minutes)

• This 18:10 video will explain the need to introduce yourself to the FSB proven process.

• The process is built for creating profitable made-for-the-Internet products and services.

• This process can help you develop and supply a unique and growing product or service that drives revenue.

• You need to supply your customers with something unique in order to stand out of the pool of other online businesses.

• The video can help you get your idea promoted and in development.


Classroom Lesson 2: Tapping Into Your Talents & Interests! (15:47 minutes)

• This 15:47 video explains why it is important to use your own skills for maximum effect.

• Using your own skills or talents is an essential part to building a successful online business and building a large customer base.

• If you are not interested in your business, it will most certainly fail.

• It is very important to get into a business that interests you and use your talents to their maximum potential.


Classroom Lesson 3: Keyword Search Tools (9:54 minutes)

• This 9:54 video will explain how you can find out where your customers are coming from and where your competitor’s customers are coming from.

• Finding out what your customers are looking for and how they find it is one of the most important parts of building an online business.

• Knowing what your customers want and how they find it can help you personalize your business and website to suite those needs and drive revenue.

• Once you know where your customers are coming from, the video helps you build your website and tweak it so that it is personalized to those individual needs.

• The online business world is all about evolving to your customer’s needs.


Classroom Lesson 4: Keyword Researching - Real World Examples Part 1 (23:29 minutes)

• This 23:90 video goes into great detail about Keyword Searching.

• The host gives you real-world examples of keywords and how other online businesses have evolved to those demands.

• The video walks you through various businesses and keyword searches step-by-step and gives you examples of how you can use similar strategies.

• Keyword searches are the most popular means for your customers to find your website.

• It is imperative that your website shows up when your customers type in those specific keywords.


Classroom Lesson 5: Keyword Researching - Real World Examples Part 2 (9:20 minutes)

• This 9:20 video is an extension to the other videos and keyword searches.

• More examples are given about online keywords and how they are used on the Internet.

• The host provides some new methods for prioritizing your website with certain keywords and phrases.

• The video will walk you through some secret methods to build your website’s online reputation.

• Keywords can be used in many different ways, so it is essential that you understand how they work and what they can do for your business.


Classroom Lesson 6: The Litmus Test (7:37 minutes)

• This 7:37 video explains how you can avoid making bad business decisions by using your brain instead of your heart.

• New ideas are key to a successful business.

• Poor business ideas are the culprit of many failed companies and are inevitably common.

• The Litmus Test will give walk you through a proven test to ensure that your ideas will not fail.

• If your ideas work in the Litmus test, they will work in the business world.


Classroom Lesson 7: Listening In On Customers Conversations. (17:18 minutes)

• The 17:18 video will show you how to track down your customers so that you can learn a little more about their individual interests.

• It is very important to know where you customers spend their time online and what they talk about.

• Finding out what your customers are saying about you or your competitors is very important to help you fix anything you might be doing wrong.

• The host explains, in detail, how you can find all this information and put it to use.

• These steps will help you find the exact information that big businesses spend millions of dollars to find out.


Classroom Lesson 8: Search Engine Recon (20:36 minutes)

• This 20:36 video is all about statistics.

• It will show you what kind of information you need to know to build a better business.

• The host explains where you can find the information you need for your individual business.

• Once you acquire the information, you can use it to learn more about your company and your customers.

• It is essential for you to analyze this data correctly and use it for the benefit of your company.


Classroom Lesson 9: Now It’s Time To Develop The Money Making Solution (8:44 minutes)

• This 8:44 video explores different methods of money making.

• Some methods are more profitable than others and some require more work than others.

• The video gives examples of different business ideas and money-making solutions that you can try.

• These ideas vary and can yield sizeable profits with minimal effort.

• The host of the video gives you a special business idea that you can quickly setup and use to start making some money.


Classroom Lesson 10: Leveraging Your Many Options (45:42 minutes)

• This 45:42 video teaches you how to analyze your money-making statistics.

• Making money is nice, but making more is even better.

• Once you know where your money comes from and how you get it, you can use this information to leverage your money-making potential and drive more revenue.

• It is very important to take the time to add on to your business and see growth.

• This video will help you make more money by building better business practices.


Classroom Lesson 11: The Power of Branding Yourself (12:02 minutes)

• This 12:02 video will explain special branding strategies that you can use for your own business.

• Branding your company can help it grow faster than ever before.

• The host explains how these methods of branding will not cost you boat-loads of money, but instead, cost you virtually nothing.

• Branding will help your company build a positive reputation and serve as free advertising.

• The video also prepares you for future business strategies that you will learn later on.




Module 4 reveals the secrets to targeted list building. You'll actually be priming the pump for profits. First you'll learn how to build a list magnet that attracts subscribers like crazy. Then I'll show you how to take those subscribers and monetize them, actually turn them into paying customers faster than ever before.

Everything's covered from managing your lists the best way through to proven ways to squeeze the maximum amount of profits out of it in the shortest amount of time.

The list marketing tactics that you'll discover inside this module will help you squash your competitors flat and literally give you command of any niche you want to target.


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1: Building Profitable Relationships (16:13 minutes)

• This 16:13 video explains different forms of rewards and relationship-building.

• In order to make lasting customers, you will need some sort of method to reward them for using your services.

• You will learn what you can do to reward your loyal customers.

• It is important to keep your customers in close contact so that you can notify them of big changes or other important events in the company.

• There are many methods to rewarding your customers and some are more profitable than others.


Classroom Lesson 2: Top Strategies to Increase Your Profits! (11:41 minutes)

• The 11:41 video explains the best methods for contacting customers and how often you should do so.

• There are many questions to ask yourself about your company, your customers, and your profits.

• You need to know what your customers want from you and your company.

• It is important to know your limitations and know when and how your customer prefer to receive contact from you.

• The host provides good examples of how you can tell them what you want them to know.


Classroom Lesson 3: Stand Out From The Crowd! (25:07 minutes)

• This 25:07 video will walk your through different strategies to build a bigger reputation and reach larger masses of customers.

• There are lots of businesses online and most of them offer similar products or services.

• It is important for you to find a way to stand out from all the competition.

• You want your offers to stand out more than the competition’s.

• If you can show your customers that you are better, they are more likely to do business with you.


Classroom Lesson 4: Creating High Converting Opt-ins (14:26 minutes)

• This 14:26 video will show you how to draw your customers into giving your contact information.

• It is important to get your customer’s contact information.

• Unfortunately, many people do not like to give their information out.

• You need to appear more reputable than other businesses.

• Building a specially designed opt-in page will ensure that many customers sign up for regular contact form your company.


Classroom Lesson 5: Placing Your Opt-in (8:25 minutes)

• This 8:25 video walks you through how to use opt-in pages to the best of your ability.

• Gaining your customer’s contact information is imperative.

• There are special strategies to placing opt-in pages on your website.

• The host describes where you should place your opt-in pages for maximum effect.

• It is important to put the opt-in pages in places that are easily accessible, but do not annoy your customers.


Classroom Lesson 6: The Nitty-Gritty! Getting It Done - collect, store, respond and deliver by email automatically! (14:49 minutes)

• This 14:49 video will explain how you can sort through all the data and read it.

• Once you have your customer’s information it can be very hard to handle it.

• Once you read through your data you need to respond to it and get your information out.

• Using an automatic email system is incredibly useful in delivering your information to mass groups of people.

• The video will help you choose an email system that works best for you.


Classroom Lesson 7: Knock! Knock! (7:33 minutes)

• This 7:33 video walks you through what people are likely to delete and what they are likely to read.

• Many people delete newsletters and emails they get from companies.

• The trick is to create subject lines that draw customers into reading your emails.

• The host will help you create magnetic subject lines that urge your customer’s to open and read through your emails.

• Once you draw them in, it is important to provide quality content.


Classroom Lesson 8: Robot Wars & Promoting Your List! (11:22 minutes)

• The 11:22 video will teach you how systems analyze emails and sort through it all.

• Most email-providers have robotic systems that read your emails before you do.

• These systems will put some emails in the spam folder and some in the inbox.

• It is important to make sure that your emails go to the customer’s inbox and not their spam folder.

• Once you know how the systems work, you can create emails that don’t get sent to the spam folder.




In Module 5 we go over free traffic tactics. First you'll learn how to completely dominate the search engines and get your business positioned where your customers will find you above your competitors.

Next I'll show you our secret content cash methods that will drive an endless flow of highly targeted traffic towards your websites.

I also reveal my automated traffic process that makes SEO campaigns as simple as ABC, (this is the faster, smarter, better way to optimize your site to get it ranked in the search engines that I haven't taught anyone until now).

Finally you'll discover how to build a rapid traffic conversion funnel that scoops up fresh visitors and coverts them into hot prospects and those prospects into paying customers all in one go - No need for endless follow-up sequences, they'll become buyers instantly!


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1: Setting-Up Your Sales Funnel! (4:24 minutes)

• This 4:24 video intro gives the highlights of promoting a website.

• It also helps to understand the logic behind gaining traffic along with sales leads and prospects.

Classroom Lesson 2: Dissecting The Sales Funnel! (22:51 minutes)

• This 22:51 section overviews the 3 phases (traffic,lead and prospect phases) in gaining sales for a site.

• These phases are the traffic phase where visitors reach a site, lead phase where visitors leave some form of contact information like an email or phone number.

• The last phase is the prospect phase where those leads are converted into possible customers.
This video also explains the difference between natural listings (real websites) and paid listings (ads that pop up in search results).

• It also helps in understanding the difference between the two helps to gain and keep front page search traffic.


Classroom Lesson 3: Robot, Spiders & Algorithms (3:10 minutes)

• This 3:10 video talks about how keywords for a website receive index position in search engines.

• It gives the process to which spiders crawl throughout the internet for keywords and match sites that have relevance to each keyword.

• It explains how algorithms and robots work to maintain quality information for searches.


Classroom Lesson 4: Search Engines Exposed (12:47 minutes)

This 12:47 video demonstrates how search engines operate and what to do to drive free and paid traffic from search engines to a website.

• Free traffic is created by placing keywords in the right places within a web page.

• Paid traffic is created by placing ads with the search engines google, yahoo, and bing. leveraging tools and positioning a website with relevant keywords key to keeping front page index.

• Included in this section is a free SEO rank checking tool is given.


Classroom Lesson 5: On Site Search Engine Optimization for Your Website and Content! (19:09 minutes)

• This 19:09 video focuses on seo page optimization.

• It is shown that by placing keywords in certain places like in the domain name, title tag, headline tag, web content,keywording images, alt tags, key word/description meta tags and/or product description, front page index on search engine is acheivable.

• A keyword density formula is given to help keep balance of keyword placement in a page.


Classroom Lesson 6: An Invitation to the Party! (9:15 minutes)

• This 9:15 video demonstrates the creation of index pages (sitemap) for a website with free online tools.

• Index pages ensure that a websites pages are all put into a search engine and can help boost the position in searches.

• The process for submitting index pages and URLs (websites) to each of the big search engines google, yahoo, and bing is shown step by step.

Classroom Lesson 7: Off Site Optimization (1:05:03 minutes)

• This 1:05:03 video shows how to correctly make sure you have off page optimization with quality backlinks and enough keyword backlinks to reach good ranks by serving the searcher in a search engine.

• It details how to leverage and build a backlink portfoilio with directory linking,page ranking,articles, link partners, Q&As, blogs, how-to videos and social media sites are great places to also build your backlinks in your niche.

• It exhibits how to make sure keyword backlinks are of good quality pertaining to a subject on a website.

• Also talks about google page ranking and the importance of having a good ranking, also points out how seo quake online tool helps to check out the ranking of a page.

• Get to know how writing niche articles on a given subject or writing how-to articles with keyword backlinks can drive traffic to a website without cost along with becoming indexed in searches.



In module 6 I'll show you how to build profitable partnerships. This is all about "bagging the elephants"...the level of partner that can make or break and explode your business income literally overnight! 

Watch my favourite tricks to get industry leaders keen to do business with you.

You will also be privy to our partnership logistics strategies...  How to line up a partnership, what other business owners will expect from you, what you need to do before you even attempt to bring someone onboard to promote your products and services.

Finally you'll discover how to bring in affiliate partners, tens, hundreds even thousands of marketers that are ready and able to take action and help grow your business.  (Most big name gurus you see today would be nowhere if they hadn't applied these exact same strategies in their business first!)


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1: The Press Release (10:06 minutes)

• This 10:06 video talks about the free traffic advangtages.

• It provides info on the use of having a backlink when sending out press releases for a website.

• It gives out the standard format that should be used in writing a press release.

• Also what to look for if outsourcing writing and submitting the press release.


Classroom Lesson 2: The Video, Video! (24:05 minutes)

• This 24:05 section discusses how to use video to become indexed in search results.

• It shows how to check the back links of videos that come up in the searches.

• It also shows how to create videos with free online tools such as camtashia, camstudio or even windows movie maker.

• Learn what kind of content to put inside of the video is shown along with the where to place the keywords and backlinks to send traffic watching the video.


Classroom Lesson 3: There Is More to Social Media Than Facebook! (33:18 minutes)

• This 33:18 video talks about social media and how to drive traffic from it by building relationships.

• It discusses the different type of social media sites (social networking, social bookmarking, blogs, wiki sites, media sharing) and how briefly each social media type is used.

• The most important point in this video to use social media to interact not to just "set up and sell" to people.


Classroom Lesson 4: Social Media Psychology. (21:28 minutes)

• This 21:28 video goes over how social media can benefit a business by targeting a specific market.

• It gives the stratgies for building a presence by doing things such as joining the right sites, groups that in the same marketplace, interacting in these groups without selling anything but by providing information or value.

• The main key is learning to post attention grabbing content.

• Once a person has come across this content, they can visit or be taken to the business site where they can now be turned into a prospect.


Classroom Lesson 5: Converting Visitors Into Customers (18:16 minutes)

• This 18:16 video talks about converting prospects into customers, a tool for doing this by using a sales copy.

• It is shown how to write an effective sales copy by putting together a unique sales position for the business and emphasizing it to the right market.

• Obviously even before writing the sales copy, knowing how much the cost of a product or service is important.

• Get to know the differences between benefits vs features is overviewed and how to use benefits in a sales copy to help make the sale.


Classroom Lesson 6: The Recipe For Cooking Up Killer Copy! (1:12:10 minutes)

• This 1:12:10 section gives out the sales letter formula.

• It begins with the headline, which should grab attention and highlight the biggest benefit of the product or service.

• Next the sub-headline needs to create enough curiousity to take the reader into the body of the sales letter.

• The body starts off with a greeting, tap into a problem, establish credibility of the product, give proof of results such as testimonials, give a compelling and triumpant story, show product as the solution and reason for triumph of problem, display the benefits, then finally close out by reassuring the result sealed with a guarantee.

• Call the prospect to actoin by giving a link to order and end with a signature. a post-script p.s. recaps the whole letter.

• This is the sales letter formula. Tips on shopping for a copywriter are also given.


Classroom Lesson 7: Tracking Your Results (16:53 minutes)

• This 16:53 video talks about why, how and what to monitor and track to make sales.

• Knowing what does and does not work is critical for success.

• Monitoring different variables and tracking the results could mean a big difference in conversion of sales to make profits.

• One technique given for tracking is called split tracking where two different test pages are used to bring visitors to a site.

• When experimenting with the variables on a page, its important to only experiment with one variable at a time such as the headline, title, picture, etc.

• Otherwise monitoring will not be effective.




In module 7 This is where we start to ramp things up and accelerate your business growth so buckle your seatbelt.  We cover our advanced media buying strategies.

This is paid traffic done right...  Inside I'll explain what you really need to know before you can maximize your income (finally you can open the floodgates to all the traffic that you'll ever need and you can turn it on and off at will)

I show you how you can work from your kitchen table yet still advertise like the big boys, running massively successful advertising campaign at just a fraction of the cost.


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1 – Joint Ventures Intro 45:48

• In this 45:48 section, joint ventures are discussed.

• Joint ventures acheive multiplied results by combining resources.

• A new marketer with a great product can join forces with a more experienced marketer who has excellent promotion capabilities is an example of using resources.

• This section also discusses about researching partners, knowing when a business is ready for joint venture or if the business can support more business.

• Remember joint ventures are a 'mental courting process' between businesses and not all partnership will be beneficial.

• It is recommended to look for partners who are power players instead of around the same skill level to elevate.


Classroom Lesson 2 – Finding a Partner 36:13

• This 36:13 video talks about researching partners and building a joint venture database.

• The database serves as a way to track correspondence with potential partners.

• The video also shows how to locate partners thru search engines and affliate websites.

Classroom Lesson 3 – Joint Ventures - from Infrastructure to Introductions. 45:51

• This 45:51 section discusses how to contact potential partners and how to track future joint venture sales with iDev software.

• It goes through use of this software along with the features.

• Google docs is shown to share database when outsourcing looking for partners.

• Contact them through email,phone, fax even letters. Get their attention, show research has been done, make it known both businesses are in the same market,give a reason why to partner, make an offer, include a close and call to action are the key points to express when contacting the potential partner. Learn how to do the footwork, remain in contact, keep them stirred up about progress, in short do what is necessary to have a successful joint venture.



In module 8  You now get to see behind the scenes like never before...  You'll discover (with nothing held back) my best profit pulling strategies. 

These includes everything from how to launch a new product, how to build a rampant army of affiliates that will fight each other to promote your offers.

You'll see how to build huge profit funnels, create instant residual income machines that pour cash into our accounts money month after month

Plus you get my bullet-proof conversion strategy that can triple and even quadruple your current conversion rate.  (Note:  This is so sneaky  former students have actually asked us to remove it from the course because they don't want anyone else to see it)


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1:Your Intro to Underground Media Buying (13:28)

• This 13:28 video talks about advertising a business through media buying.

• There are other options beside google and pay per click ads.

• With the recent rise of social media sites like facebook, online advertising is increasingly becoming more easy.

• Media buying is the next step after acquiring joint ventureships to increase profits and growing business.

Classroom Lesson 2: Ad-networks Exposed (26:30)

• This 26:30 video section discusses where media ads outside of google can be bought.

• It mainly focuses on ad networks which save time by going after traffic and offer domestic as well as international traffic.

• There are three ad networks and their features presented Adblade,Advertising.com and Pulse360

• Social media sites, co-registration, email, direct buys, and mobile marketing are also mentioned as places for media buying.


Classroom Lesson 3: Social Media Explosion (19:34 )

• This 19:34 video talks about social media buying through different sites such as Plenty of Fish, Facebook, and Myspace.

• Facebook and Myspace advertising are two sites focused on in this section.

• Setting up an ad campaign on both Facebook and Myspace is demonstrated and extremely easy to follow.

• It is suggested to work on one social media and become successful before moving on to another site.


Classroom Lesson 4: Co-Registration & Email Buys (9:45)

• This 9:45 video discusses co-registration buys and how they work.

• A few listed co-registration companies featured are Nitro list builder, Traffic oasis, and Leadserve.

• Email networks are explained and companies Adknowledge, Datran media, Get ads, and Webjuice are mentioned.

Classroom Lesson 5: Portals, Direct Buys, and the cutting edge of Mobile Markets (9:24)

• This 9:24 video section talks about buying high traffic portals sites and mobile networks.

• Portal sites are expensive and require contracts; it is advised to throughly read the contracts.

• Be sure to develop a personal relationship the account manager and when purchasing high traffic getting an ad server to rotate the ads is recomended.

• Mobile networks are touched upon, more specifically, the company Admob is discussed.

• They are many platforms to keep in mind with this growing field this form of advertising should be used over time in addition to other forms.

Classroom Lesson 6: Underground Media Buying Strategies (8:58)

• This 8:58 video talks about media buying strategies.

• Test what kind of ads will be used before running an ad campaign and make sure they are effective by finding areas of profitability then fine tune those areas.

• Once the ad or ads are proven to get results, scale them to another network.

• Resources for media tool creation from companies Point banner and My banner maker are given.



In module 9 we'll cover our all of our personal outsourcing strategies. This is how you can apply simple leverage techniques to generate massive profits.

I'll also reveal how to use systematic automation processes (sounds complicated but it's not) that will make your overall business run smoother and easier.

These powerful techniques will help you attract real superstars into your business and to push it to new, profitable heights.  (I also cover the stuff that you should outsource and the stuff that you must never let anyone else touch)

Way too many marketers get this wrong with disastrous results, so make sure you watch this module before you even think about outsourcing.


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1:Your Intro to Advanced Conversion Tactics 15:33

• This 15:33 video looks at opening, running, and tracking having an affliate program.

• Gaining affliates begins with going to an affliate directory, there are several to choose from.

• Also, customers should be offered to become an affliate.

• Stay in contact with affliates by email and autoresponders to keep them excited about the product.

Classroom Lesson 2: Underground Up-sale Multipliers Exposed and Real Life Examples! 36:28

• This 36:28 video section discusses a technique to use on customers to have them buy a chosen product.

• The technique is based a pyschology study to motivate people when given certain choices.

• The FSB upsell multiplier is designed to contrast between three choices one being cheap, one being a 'decoy, the last being the product for the customer to actually buy.

• When looking at the three choices, the last in compared to the second choice is around the same price, yet the last choice has more benefits.

• That makes it become a 'no-brainer' choice for the customer to decide and consquently the product that was intended for them to buy.

Classroom Lesson 3: Playing with Side Pocket Continuity Funnels 19:34

• This 19:34 video looks how to makes smaller sale funnels to create extra income without paying affliates.

• These sales funnels will come from affliates yet the customer will be redirected back to the main website away from the affliate page.

• Steps on how-to identify markets, related products, make the product unique, create the automatic revenue, easily drive traffic, track, and scale are explained to help.



In module 10 Now it's time to turn a five figure business into a six or seven figure business! 

In module ten we talk about exit strategies and it's where things get really interesting...

...  Discover how to "cash out" big with your business and how to multiply your revenue many times over. You're going to see how to build a high value asset that can make you so much money in one hit that it could easily pay for the rest of your life spent living in wealthy retirement!

If you want to walk away from your business and never worry about money again then we show you how - I guarantee you won't find this kind of information anywhere else!


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...


Classroom Lesson 1:Making Your World Bigger! 18:52

• This 18:52 video discusses how to leverage effort to grow the business without being the one doing the work.

• Leveraging work allows time to change focus and enjoy the fruits of labor.

• The steps to identifying tasks, identifying automated income generation, and outsourcing are covered.

Classroom Lesson 2: Time Your Most Valuable Asset! 26:13

• This 26:13 video section looks at time management and identifying the hourly cost for working the business.

• Refocus effort to only productive tasks and avoid time traps like consistent research or simply reading email.

• Instead of using time to learn complex difficult skills, learn to outsource.

• Not only does this save time it keeps the hourly cost for working in the business in perspective.

Classroom Lesson 3: The Seven Deadly Sins of Outsourcing 13:25

• This 13:25 video talks about the seven mistakes to avoid when outsourcing:

• Be sure to specify job details everyone doesnt work the same.

• Set up check points to review work, to keep things on track.

• Be clear about deadlines and stick to them.

• Appreciate the outsourcers, not just demand work.

• Price does not dictate quality, pay attetion to the person.

• Do not put all eggs in one basket and rely on one outsourcer too much for specific work.

Classroom Lesson 4: Building Your Freedom Machine 16:49

• This 16:49 video section looks at where to find outsourcers to acheive having free time.

• The Philippines is looked at as a great place to start looking for workers.

• What to look for in resumesand posting jobs on different sites like Elance, Odesk, Guru, Freelancer, and Vworker are covered.

• Maybe a full time person can be brought on for the amount needed for a task.

• There is a discounted website that faster, better, smarter offers, please check onlinejobs.ph and bestjobs.com

• A selected few of sites like Agents of value and virtual employee are briefly overviewed.


Classroom Lesson 5: Step-by-Step Through the Process - Part One! 14:17

• This 14:17 video goes through the step by step process of posting a job on a site.

• Odesk is used as an example and the simulation is completely understandable.

• From start to finish it is shown how to post a job.


Classroom Lesson 6: Step-by-Step Part II, Through the Process! 5:31

• This 5:31 video continues where the last left off with posting a job.

• Now it is time to select the right person.

• Tips on how long to leave the job posted and review contractors.

• Feedback, portfolio, experience, and price requirements are major factors in deciding a contractor.

• It is recommended to use the site message system for contact instead of just regular email.

Classroom Lesson 7: Managing Your Many Outsourcers 6:26

• This 6:26 video goes over hiring and managing contractors.

• It is suggested to use the same site to re-hire contractors until confidence and a relationship is built.

• Keep track of the different sites and jobs that are posted along with each phase each job is in.


In module 11   Next we cover how to succeed with high level outsourcing.

By this point your business is moving past the six figure mark and it's time to expand (if you want to) by taking a 'back seat'  - You'll learn how to build a rock solid team.  (you put this in place and leave the day to day stuff for someone else to do!)  

If you want to know the true secrets to rapid business expansion and the best practices to do it with cast iron confidence then everything you need to know is here.


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1: Standing On The Cross Roads! 24:22

• This 24:22 video discusses the importance of an exit strategy for an online business.

• Once the business has become profitable, there are two choices; continue to build the business or cash out and sell it.

• Most people view their online businesses like babies and its hard to let them go.

• Websites though are virtual real estate and income producing website are extrememly valuable.

• By understanding the future reality of the online business it is easy to honestly know if the business is at its peak and if its time to sell it while the value is stll there.

• Exit strategies are important when starting the next online business.

• Over time, building and selling online businesses create lump sums of cash and time freedom.


Classroom Lesson 2: Increasing Your Value and Profits! 12:05

• This 12:05 video talks about continuing to grow a sites value.

• There are ways such as a adding continuity program, a related service, webinars, create new products, 100% affliate comission offers, or buying out competiton.

• Reactivating old customers with new products and adding video to the site, blogs, etc are also suggested.

• Learn about Escrow.com, the site used when ready to sell the site.

• Get to know about Flippa.com, a broker site to help sell websites.


Module 12 In our final training module you get to scale up to the next level. 

This is all about taking what I've shown you throughout the course and compounding your success.  You'll even discover how to develop hands-free income by leveraging your new relationship with us!

Module 12 unlocks an opportunity for you to become one of my direct business partners.  You will get to leverage our systems, my networks and resources and investments to make potentially tens of thousands of dollars for your own business.

For privacy reasons I won't go into details.  (and this is an entirely optional, 'icing on the cake' element to our Faster Smarter Better program)


Here's a more detailed break down of what you're going to learn in this module...

Classroom Lesson 1: Taking It to the Next Level! 25:26

• This 25:26 video section talks about advanced outsourcing.

• It goes more in depth to building a team and creating a outsource corporation for outsourcing work.

• Some advanced hiring tips such as being clear about whats expected, bonuses, exclusivity agreements, hiring agreements, setting up company accounts and orientating new employees.

• Communication is key; make sure to confirm contact forms, payment terms, and policies.

• Keep track of progress reports.

Classroom Lesson 2: Time! 37:04

• This 37:04 video goes into retaining employees and tools needed to keep workflow smooth.

• Courtesy will go a long way in retaining employees, besides cash bonuses personal relationships is key.

• Asking how family members are doing, giving gifts as bonuses, and being personal makes a bond so that people will want to stay.

• Proper training ensures work will be done right especially with new employees.

• Systematic procedures for database backups, document new methods, having time cycle for passwords,utilize timesheets to keep track of work, having a central location for suggestions, and maintaining confidentiality.

• Tools to manage from online are given from using Skype for video calling and screen sharing, Basecamp for project management, Camtasia for video recording and training, Google doc for sharing files and word processing, Google intranet template for company events, meetings, etc.

• Evernote is a site to share information between employees and can be accessed anywhere.

• Lastly, you want to protect your intectual property and never ever put all access to one or a few employees.


“Wish I had access to something like this when I started out 8 years ago.”

Faster, Smarter, Better, The domain says it all. These videos are simply awesome! Wish I had access to something like this when I started out 8 years ago. I learned more from these video tutorials in one sitting than I did during all that time.

They are no fluff direct to the point videos that tell you what to do and how to do it step by step so you're not left feeling confused after each video.

Another advantage I like about the tutorials is that I was able to download them and put them on my iPod to listen to at a later time as well as "Private Notes" in PDF format that related to each lesson.

The site layout is great and well structured and not cluttered or confusing in any way. I'm happy that I got access to such valuable training material.

I'm off to implement some of these ideas, many of which I heard about but before but never heard it explained like that. Many so called Guru's proclaim truths but very few ever really go in depth and explain. These videos do exactly the opposite, they explain and that's what I love about them.

I'm finally going to be able to apply these concrete strategies and make some money. Thanks a mill!

Warm Regards,
Lyndon Irvine

“Shocked by the amount of information delivered”

To say that you have OVER DELIVERED, while being cliche - is in this instance also an UNDER STATEMENT! I can't believe the amount of information, the detail, the amount organizational thought and experience, knowledge and caring in each video. It all comes through loud and clear. The information, tools resources in this course are second to none!

When I got into the videos, from the very first one, to the last I was shocked by the amount of information delivered. While I am a newbie, I was not at any time overwhelmed by the massive amount of info because it is delivered so clearly and so thoroughly and sequentially. You have taught us how to build our house on solid ground.

It is perfect in my opinion because it delivers massively and a newie will keep and expand on their initial enthusiasm which they bring to the course. The enthusiasm is turned into knowledge and confidence based on proven business practices. This is not the case with other courses.

True, I am a newbie, but I have read enough courses to also recognize that all levels of marketers will benefit massively from this course.

After going through the course I look at the emails in my inbox completely differently now. I am not tempted by the shinny objects, by the slick sales pages, and luxurious graphics. Why? Because this course has definetly shown me how to build a business in a way nothing else has ever done. This course has shown me how to build a solid business which I can grow to what ever height I want.

You can hear the honesty, care and concern for the listeners in the presenters voice. The presentation is so inspiring that I have begun implementing everything taught in the course. I can't wait to write you again and tell you of my success.

Thank you soooo much for this course. With this single offering, you have put food in the mouths of many, as well as a roof over our heads, priceless at any time, but in these trying times extraordinary and sincerely appreciated.

Tunukwa Neal

“...the best IM course I have come across, and I’ve tried a few seeking success”

Thanks a million for this! It is packed to overflowing with everything an Internet Marker needs to know.

Every Newbie NEEDS to watch these as do those who want to move to the next level. No hype, No nonsense, No pressure just straight facts and information all in one place.

This is the best IM course I have come across, and I’ve tried a few seeking success. The videos are clear. The notes are an added bonus and the resource links invaluable. I can't praise it enough!!

Len Grates

“Great value and training!”

This site along with all your training and marketing efforts are of great value to me and I just want to say thanks for everything as I push to better my knowledge and build a better way of life for myself and my family.

Thank you for allowing access to this great training for anyone wanting to understand online marketing and begin a business of their own. I found the site very easy to navigate and user friendly. It is very indepth and step by step which is great for anyone wanting to build a solid online business.

The tutorials are very informative and takes you by the hand to guide you through the process. It can really help anyone get in the right mindset to get started and/or take your business to the next level. Overall great value and training!

Thanks again,

Jay R.

“Why did it take so long for someone to come along and actually "teach" this stuff?”

I consider myself a relatively experienced marketer and have had some success over the years. However, especially in the area of building and maintaining an email list, I really fall short.

I can't count on both hands and feet how many ebooks I've read and courses I've been through trying to wrap my head around being successful with this. They've all covered pretty much the same basics: get an auto-responder, how to set up your auto-responder, yada, yada, yada. The thing is, none of them dug in to the all important "how do you entice visitors to sign up for your list and what do you do to make them glad that they did? How do you monetize that list?"

Just these strategies alone makes this course worth its weight in IM gold!

But that's not all that's covered. I was pleasantly surprised to find there's nothing that isn't covered here. This is purely fantastic! It's a quarry of overturned rocks--truly no stone left unturned. From bottle-fed Newbie, step-by-step, to scaling the wall toward a six or seven figure income.

Why did it take so long for someone to come along and actually "teach" this stuff? I'll never know, but I certainly thank YOU for doing it!

Karen Denning
Koch Consulting and Design

“Easily a $1,997 program”

This is easily a $1,997 program. The detail and thorough explanations of the various components needed to create a successful internet business are clearly laid out.

The video presentations are easy to follow, not full of fluff and get to the point.

This program is designed especially for individuals who want to do more than dabble with internet marketing, it goes way beyond the latest "technique of the week" and "3 click software B.S".

I think videos 4-6 in Module Three effectively tackle the biggest problem that keeps most affiliate and info marketers from making any money online. This was my personal achilles heel for quite some time.

Each module contains more than just your typical 'what to do' information but what really stands out is the amount of actual 'how to' info that is lacking in the majority of products similar to programs like this.

Making money online in today's environment is more than selling, it's about building relationships that will ensure long term profitability and videos 1-3 in Module 4 are the key to making the powerful strategies in Module 8 work.

I would easily recommend this program to any of my friends, subscribers and relatives that wanted to learn how to build a rock solid long term money making internet business from absolute scratch.

I wish I had this when I got started, It would have saved a lot of time and got me making money faster.

Fernando Morales

“Helped me tremendously!”

This training is hands down understandable, informational and easy to implement immediately. Learning about the five types of profitable business models and how to develop a concrete plan for your business helped me tremendously.

I basically was attracted to online income on December 24, 2007 which was eye opening for me. My biggest month has been $2500 one time and from that experience I continue to try.

Rhonda Kaye

“Looking forward to working with you!”

In about a week I am going to launch my first PLR product in the finance niche. I have a front end offer and a very related Finance PLR Packs Monthly Membership OTO.

I have been working on this since June & really excited to get it out. I got very excited when I got your email today.

Looking forward to working with you!

Lena Blatshteyn

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