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Sunday 3rd of December
From Terry Mackey and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

If you have ever tried to sell anything online before, you know that it can be pretty tough to find people that actually want to buy what you are selling. As much as internet marketers will try to convince you, selling online is not as easy as it looks!

So what is the secret to being successful?..

Answer: Finding the right place to sell of course!

Yahoo Answers is a very popular website where virtually anyone can go for free, and ask any type of question they can think of. Experts then chime in with answers.

So here's the catch:

There are countless numbers of people going on there each and every day saying "I have a problem with X, what should I buy to fix it?"

Now just imagine for a second that you are an affiliate marketer who specializes in selling a product for those struggling with a "problem with X", you've just found a person that is ready to make a purchase. I couldn't imagine a better marketing opportunity!

This is why I created Answer Marketing Traffic. It will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to profit from Yahoo Answers. This course is for new and advanced marketers alike, as it will take you through the entire process of how to find a market on yahoo answers, and start making sales.

There is a right way and a wrong way to market on Yahoo Answers. I don't want to see you wasting your time doing things the wrong way, that is why I created this video training series.

Let me reveal to you what's inside this video series...

Here's Just A Sample Of What You Will Get Today!

Video #1 - Introduction To The System

To start us off I'll introduce you to the system. I'll give you a quick run through of the site, how it works, why it works and what your mindset should be once you join. The last thing you want to do is blast your links all over the site! This will only get you banned and fustrated. Do it right from the start to save yourself a headache!

Video #2 - Why Should You Care?

Okay, so you may be thinking.. 'this is just another website that I could make money with but I'll take a look and experiment with it later..' but you'd be wrong to think this! Watch this video and I'll explain why it's worth getting into now rather than later and how it can provide a good supplementary source of income for many, many years!

Video #3 - The 'Gold-Mining' Tactic

In this 6-step process I'll show you what you should be doing to get the most return for your time and effort. Even though you can do this for free, you will want to do it the efficient way to save you time so you can progress and work in other niches!

Video #4 - Finding A Profitable Niche

Choosing a niche to stick to can be hard enough at times, let alone finding a profitable one! In this video I'll go over the criteria you should be looking out for for a profitable niche. The last thing you want to do is work all day posting links and promoting an affiliate program that no one will ever buy!

Video #5 - Choosing An Affiliate Product

Whilst some affiliate products sell well in the search engines, or in PPC, some will not, and this is true for Yahoo Answers. Watch this video to learn how to pick and focus on the one's that will make you the most money!

Video #6 - Setting Up Your Website

In this VERY IMPORTANT video you will learn how to hide your affiliate links on Yahoo Answers through setting up a redirect. Don't worry, it isn't as hard as it sounds and I will show you exactly what to do and how it can save you $100s in commissions!

Video #7 - Finding The Best Questions To Answer

In this video you'll learn how to get the most money for your time. I will show you how to find the best questions that will lead to a higher percentage of sales. The more sales you can make, the more profit. The more profit, the more you can expand into other areas!

Video #8 - Writing A Profitable Answer

Follow along with me as I show you what makes up a profitable answer, and how to convince your audience that they absolutely "need" to buy your product. This is what makes the difference between a casual marketer who says 'yes I tried Yahoo Answers and it didn't work for me' and a pro marketer who says, 'yes I'm using Yahoo Answers to bring in another stream of income on a regular basis'.

Video #9 - Becoming An 'Expert'

In this video I'll show you how to become an expert in the eyes of your readers. Expert status increases your chance of getting your answer picked as a 'best answer' keeping your affiliate links at the top of the pile!

Video #10 - Branching Out

After watching the previous videos you're ready to grow your Answer Marketing business and take it to the next level! Learn how to branch out on Yahoo Answers and start conquering multiple niches to grow your profits sky-high!

Video #11 - Creating Your Own Questions

In this video I'll show you how to come up with your own quesetions and answer them yourself to put you right at the top of the page. There is a right way and a wrong way of doing this. At worse it can get you banned so watch this video to learn how to do it right!

Video #12 - Conclusion

After watching all the videos I'll give you a mind map of where you should be going. You can treat the techniques shown in 'Answer Marketing Traffic' as a one-off venture, or you can start building a huge portfolio of backlinks over time and build a stable business with this technique alone.


"How Much Would This All Be Worth To You?"

Ok, forget everything you've read so far... honestly don't think of anything else on this page... quit wondering about the price... whether 'all this is true'... everything...

Just ask yourself one question...

Aside from all the testimonials that you read talking about the explosion in profits people experience when they use these techniques, what if you could just make an extra $100 a day with Answer Marketing Traffic... what would you do?

What if you got the worst results out of anyone who has bought this product, and only made an extra $100 a week?

Would an extra $400 a month be worth investing a one time payment of $197 - $97 - $17 measily bucks? Can you justify spending $17 to see your income soar?

"Double Your Investment Or You Pay Nothing!"

Look, we're so confident in the power of this system that we're willing to reverse all the risk...

We understand that you might have gotten burned more than a few times before by blowing money on useless products...

That's the reason why we're going to let you test drive this entire system risk free. Scroll down, click the order button, watch all the videos online, and for any reason if you don't think that this was worth the $27 you spent... Simply shoot us an email, and we'll give you a no questions asked, prompt refund...

Sound fair enough?

What do you go to lose? Nothing...

After all, when there is such massive potential with email marketing, who doesn't want to start the right way and keep using it to grow their business!?

So order your copy of 'Answer Marketing Traffic' today in complete confidence! But just before you do, please rest assured that you are backed by a completely risk-free guarantee!..

So...with that said, don't walk, but run. Grab your copy of 'Answer Marketing Traffic' now and take your business to the next level. Whether you technology phobe, or an experienced marketer, I guarantee that you'll gain some great information from this simple and easy to understand video series.

You don't have to wait. You can view this video immediately after your purchase, so you don't have to wait until I wake up or even if I'm sleeping, you can still download it instantly.

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To Your Success! Terry Mackey and Aaron Danker
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Terry has a passion for internet marketing with plenty of experience and a growing knowledge of the industry. Terry is comitted to helping you grow your online business and achieve real tangible results that you can be proud of. If you have any pre-sale questions about this product, please contact for help and support and your questions will be answered you as soon as possible.

Aaron Danker is an established internet marketer with over 10 years of online experience. He provides high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for beginners and has recently turned to coaching to share his knowledge and expertise with dedicated students. Answer Marketing Traffic is the result of years of marketing experience all condensed into one powerful and easy-to-use learning platform to help solve problems every entrepreneur will face.

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